My life as a mad letterboxer started around 24 years ago (1990) when an old friend took me out for a days hike. There are many letterboxing sites on the web so I won't go to deep into this. But for those who don't know what letterboxing is, let me try and explain.

Firstly, a letterbox doesn't resemble one of those things you put your letters into for the postman. A letterbox on Dartmoor consists of a plastic or metal container, with normally a book and a rubber stamp inside. You find the box under maybe a rock, take a print of the stamp and then write or print your own stamp in the book. Hide it away and then look for another one!

So how do you find one?
Just about any public accessible land on Dartmoor really, Ice Cream Vans, Shops and even in the Pubs on the moors, I know a good excuse for a pint hey!
Now when you find 100 or over you can join the Dartmoor Letterboxing Club which by the way is free membership. Believe me you will soon get over 100 stamps and if you choose the right places to go on the moors, this can be done in no more than three trips!
When you do join the Letterboxing Club you can purchase a catalogue containing thousands of clues to many letterboxes on the moors and with the aid of a map, compass and plenty of common sense you will soon be on your way to your first 1000 badge!

There are rules you need to adhere to so please visit the link above to both find out more about Letterboxing and also to understand the Codes of Conduct we must all follow. Alternatively you can download a PDF Dartmoor National Park leaflet HERE
For information on what to take on Dartmoor and how prepared you should be, go to my safety page.
For additional information and more indepth detail about this fantastic hobby, head to my second page on this article.

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