A very old Cut Hill LetterboxMany years ago Cut Hill was ‘the’ most popular place to go letterboxing. Due to the remoteness it is a good one and a half hour hike from Postbridge to the bottom of Cut Hill at the Tinners Hut.

Consisting of hundreds of peat hags and probably the same amount of boxes it’s a haven for a hardened letterboxer.

Back in the hay day of boxing up on the hill (about 20 years ago) there was very little grass so you squelched your way through pools of wet peat. The advantage then though was that you could see where everyone had walked and pulled out a plugged box.

Sadly due to the lack of grazing within this barren area every peat bank is now covered in long grass, concealing any buried boxes that may never be found again. The use of a kebab stick, golf club with the end cut off or a spike of any kind is what is needed. Some boxes can be buried within the peat up to a foot down, plus there may even be a box underneath the one you have just found! Please remember to be careful when prodding and to ensure that you do not damage the banks or disturb any nesting birds.

Many made up names of some locations were created by letterboxers and were kept secret, so only selected letterboxers can find their stamps. There are even tiny crosses carved into some of the rocks or a mark that only certainly people would notice. I’m not saying that this is the work of a letterboxer but it’s certainly a very secretive way of hiding a box!


Whilst Jo and I have been walking around Cut Hill we have started to document any interesting features we come across. Not all have been registered as yet but we are still searching the area so hopefully we should eventually have most of the features up there.


One last thing, if you decide to head that way please check with the DNP for the Army firing times before heading out. If you have any additions for me or would like to get in touch please email me at dizzy@letterboxstamper.co.uk


Click on the map features below to see a photo of some of the features so far, still many to find.


Cut Hill Wooden Post SX60261 82735 Cut Hill Blocks SX60025 82736 Cut Hill Rain Gauge SX 60022 82884 Cut Hill West Cross SX59991 83066 Cut Hill East Cross SX60032 82995 Cut Hill Cross near the Outcrop SX60290 82980 Cut Hill Bench Mark SX59955 83065 Cut Hill Jew Stone & Cairn SX59917 82794 Cut Hill Bottom Jew Stone SX59917 82794 Cut Hill Large Guide Stone SX59875 83056 Cut Hill Bottom Guide Stone SX59844 83090 Cut Hill Holly SX60896 82636 Bottom Peat Pass Marker Post NW Passage SX60155 82433 Top Peat Pass Marker Post NW Passage SX59809 82554 Notched Guide Stone SX59676 83346 Taken 29th August 2010 Cut Lane Stones SX59654 83348 Taken 29th August 2010 Cut Hill Carp SX59774 83411 Taken 29th August 2010 Strewn Timbers SX59753 83489 Taken 29th August 2010 Cut Hill Craters (one of many there), this one water filled SX59799 83574 Taken 29th August 2010 Cut Hill RAT Stone SX59571 83216 Taken 29th August 2010 Cut Hill Wooden Stake (nr the RAT Stone) SX59602 83210 Taken 29th August 2010 Cut Hill Sward (clump of reeds) SX60155 83236 Taken 29th August 2010 Cut Hill Angle Iron SX59919 82626 Taken 29th August 2010 Taken 29th August 2010 Judes Table SX59754 83184 Taken 29th August 2010 Lower Tinners Hut SE of Cut Hill by Cut Hill Stream SX60975 82092 Taken 29th August 2010 A view from  Cut Hill Summit SX59814 82744 Taken 29th August 2010 Taken 29th August 2010 Old Range Notice Board Site by the quartz rock. SX 60698 82847 PO Marker Point on Cut Hill. Taken 13th August 2011 SX 60918 82168 The Cable by Cut Hill Stream. Taken 13th August 2011 SX 60580 82022 Peat Pass Marker Post - Carvers Gully Taken 13th August 2011 SX 60251 82229 Cut Hill Outcrop Taken 13th August 2011 SX6029 8297 Dizzy's Cut Hill Map
Page updated 14th August 2011
Photo's taken at Cut Hill - Click to enlarge
Cut Hill Peat Banks June 2010 Cut Hill Peat Hags June 2010 Cut Hill Peat Hags June 2010   Cut Hill Forum Meet Tinners mound near the bottom of Cut Hill Stream 8th August 2010